Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Beginnings

Hello all, So I'm Natasha and I have decided that I would do a blog about something that I am into at this moment. I am into feeding my family. I have been cooking and I have fallen in love with taking the time to put what some may call "Real Food" into my family bodies. I cook just about everything from scratch and most of the time I take it old school and not use any big kitchen appliances  I do that cause I what to get a feel for what I am making. I can't feel the dough for my breads if I am using a stand mixer or the bread machine. Plus  it helps with stress when I can use my hands to bang out my anger with a meat tenderizer instead of using the one that I got as a gift that just pokes the meat for me. So join me as I go on this journey of feeding my family and fighting the need for processed foods.
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