Sunday, May 18, 2014

Farmer's Market

The Old Capital Farmers Market had a vary good selection this Saturday and I can't wait to go back next Saturday.

The food was great as always, gosh they even had Johnsonville Brats soaked in Apple Juice. They were so good you could taste a hint of the apple Juice.

The Farmer's Market also had plump beautiful red strawberries. We had fun picking at the red , green, and orange tomatoes. (We brought the ones we picked)

We seen so many beautiful and ready to eat pastries. They had many cookies, pies, cakes, and things that make you stop look and just buy. 

 Don't forget there is somethings that aren't good, like the white chocolate suckers, they where not good yuck. But there is still the good stuff, chocolate donuts that are so sweet and good you have to go to the bathroom at least four times. Over all the Farmer's Market was a good one.

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