Saturday, April 5, 2014

Growing up

A lot can happen in a months time. Afro Baby is now at the stage where she likes to tie her own shoes, a very long process. Oh, you don't know, Afro Baby can tie her shoes. She's learned to make her own oatmeal, jelly her own toast, wash her cups out, and she can make some mean chocolate chip muffins. Yes, people she makes muffins all on her own. Well, not all, I bring down all ingredients to her level and she does the rest including the "mixa mixa mixa" part with the help of our trusty not so dusty stand mixer. She's growing up pretty fast if you ask me.

Just as fast as Afro Baby is growing so is Baby G. Baby G can now take off her pants, get her head stuck in her shirt, and say and play in "Mommies belly button" (imagine that being said in a sweet baby voice). I don't get her fascination with belly buttons more so mines. Oh I forgot, Baby G has also had the opportunity to walk outside for the first time since being born. (That is a long but not to long story and I might get into that another day) she enjoys going outside and playing on the ground and only walking in the grass. The kid has a thing about the grass that I just don't think I will understand, She's not afraid of it but she wont sit on it, touch it or run on it but she loves to look at it and walk on it.

While outside one day playing with all the girls I noticed that my Biggest girl is no longer a kid. She has been voicing her views about things and people. She has been into finding herself and I'm gonna let her figure herself out. It worries me a little that she has been pulling away but at the same time I can completely understand. I have also been seeing a side of her that I've never seen before (not a bad side just assertive), I wonder will this person that I see poking their head out sometimes be the child that I end up with during the teen years. I wouldn't be upset if it was I would just have to be a little more understanding (which I am already).

That second child of mines. I DON'T LIKE HER! No I'm just playing she's really cool. She has always had her own opinion and has always voiced what she has thought it's just now she's even bolder. She's at a point with herself that she is over confident (can this really happen?), she feels that if it's the truth then she can say it and you can't say anything to her and when you do she will laugh in your face and walk away. She is very sure of herself, this is my straight A student who does not study or try at all. I worry about her because she happens to be so good at many things without even trying that she will never really put forth any effort. She will float on by and no one will ever make her try other than us.

A month is a pretty long time and we can make many changes to ourselves in a month. It takes only 21 days to form a habit and in them 21 days my children have changed.

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