Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Transitioning!

 We have been having sleepless nights trying to transition Baby G from our room and bed into her room and bed. Now you would think that this would be easy seeing how we have four children. Nope, this is all brand new to us. My first child Big A was no problem cause she shared a room with me cause I wasn't so smart and decided (no thought) to become a teen mom. So she has always had her own bed but had never had her own room. This is the first time and by her being 13 there was no transition problems. Little A she never liked to sleep with anyone not even me, so no transition there. Afro Baby ( that's what we're calling her every time I fix her Afro) has big sisters and what younger sibling don't want to hang with the older siblings, so no transition there either. Baby G is completely new for us.

We have been dealing with the all night waking and the crying, oh the crying. Let me tell you we started the method of let her soothe herself back to sleep but that was not working at all for us. She would start crying a little and it worked the first two nights, she still woke up for her 3 a.m. feeding but that was no problem cause I know she nurses at that time every night. The real problems came when she just couldn't take it anymore. She needs her boobies in the middle of the night at real random times while she's sleeping. That's when the night waking started and the crazy amount of crying started and us taking turns going in to soothe her just enough for the other to get out the bed and give the dagger stare at the pass by of the pass off. ( I'm calling for a change of rules on this one. If she cry's before you make it in the bed and under the covers then Baby G's crying is still your problem) So from this point we had just given up on this method and moved her right back into our room but not in our bed. (we didn't even get to enjoy one night without her)

We have a plan and I'm hoping that this will work. 

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