Sunday, May 18, 2014

Welcome Back to My Kitchen

I know that I have been saying that I was coming back and had not come back. This time is different, that's because I think I have found more direction for this blog. When I first started I wanted to share the meals that I share with my family with you guys. Problem with that is that I only really do baking, great cooking during the warmer months and do the okay cooking during the colder months. So I don't have much to share with you guys at that time (unless you want chili, stoop, soup, roasts, in general hearty meals). Now with the warm months hot on our tail and the Farmers Markets are opening up and we can get local goodness I can do the cooking I enjoy. So .....

So if you don't know then let me tell you. I love to bake breads and cook in my kitchen during the summer. I get to try new veggies and I no longer have to feed my family from cans or bland veggies. I tend to do more Farmers Market shopping to keep it local. but now with the discovery of a few new Grocers (notice how I said grocer and not grocery store) I can get good local veggies for a little cheaper. While I will still be visiting the Farmers Market I know that I can afford then all the time and I need to stay within my budget.

I now have a little helper (Big A) and she will be writing a few posts for me throughout the summer. I needed a helper this year with life happening and all and she needs a summer project anyway.

So Thank you for reading this and now take your time and click on over to our first post written by Big A - Farmer's Market

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