Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farmer's Market

Last week we didn't get to go to the Farmer's Market and it was okay cause all the good stuff that we like don't start getting picked until later this month. We did get to go this week but it was because I needed a few items and instead of buying them at the grocery store I buy them at the Farmer's Market this time of year.

For us when the Market opens that is the best time for us to start eating the fresh local goodies. People seem to think that every time I go I buy lots and lots of stuff but that is not true. I treat the Farmer's Market like I treat the grocery store only getting the veggies and fruit that I need for that week.

It's Strawberry season and out of all the other vendors the Strawberries at Live Springs Berries & Produce seems to be the best so far. Their berries are sweet and full of flavor. They are great in smoothies or just to eat as your walking the strip.

We have a new stand at our Farmer's Market this year he's in Lot 35 and have they no name. Sean is looking for a name foe his stand so far we have Afternoon Delight, Life of a Hot Dog, Noon Delight. They sell Brats soaked in Apple juice and they are absolutely the best ever. So if your in Springfield and want to try something the eat while browsing the Farmers Market then this is the spot you want to stop at. While your there help them figure out a name.

We also made a stop to DimplesDyes and brought some socks that will help with my sweaty feet child. She carries many different Dyed clothing and you will find yourself stuck talking with her and her bubbly spirit. She sends off very nice vibes and I must say that I am very happy to have met her.

The very first thing we all ate when we came home was salads. Each and everyone of us loves salads but we all like ours a little different then each other. 

We woke this morning and had some smoothies and used them beautiful and delicious strawberries to make them.

I am so waiting for all the veggies and fruit that we like to be harvested. I love peaches and I promise that when the peaches are harvested this year I will make me a peach pie that will knock my family socks off. I just have to hide them before we all start to eat them and I have none left.

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