Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chicken Gyro

Last week we used one of them big juicy tomatoes and cucumbers to make some Chicken Gyros. Now each one of us likes ours a little different because we are different people. I tend to like my meat fried while my two oldest girls likes theirs the original way I learned to make them. Fro Baby likes hers without any tomatoes and Baby G like hers deconstructed so that she may dip all of hers into the the sauce.

I found this recipe last year and it has become apart of our meal plans. The girls love it and I love it but felt that it could have been better. so after talking with my kids I changed from using Greek yogurt to using half Greek yogurt and half sour cream. The taste of the tzatziki sauce changed a lot and it is now the only way we make it. We did try it with all sour cream but I found we just didn't like it. The juice of the one lemon was too much but when we cut the juice down it took something from the taste so half and half it is for us. Is something in that Greek yogurt that works well with lemons.

We let our marinated chicken and the tzatziki sauce sit in the fridge over night. This is a great prep ahead meal for the family. It does not take much time and it feeds all six of us with only two-three normal sized chicken breast along with some chips or fries.

Here is a link to the original recipe A Bitchin' Kitchen: Chicken Gyros

If you follow her directions you will have a nice light chicken gyro.

The only change that I have made to this is the sauce and after it's done I take mines and fry the meat so that it has that fast food flavor that I be looking for.

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