Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fabric Softener Help!

Nope this is not a post about how to make your own fabric softener, this is a post asking for help with making one for my family. Baby J has very sensitive skin that we had not used commercial laundry detergent since she was about 4 mths and her skin was breaking out so bad that they had to bandage her from the skin being ate off. She suffers from eczema and really bad during the colder months. So we take the time to watch what we put on her skin and in her body. We have been using a homemade laundry detergent that works wonders in our home, plus it helps that I made so much of  it that I have not made any more since she was about 1 years old and seeing how she is now going to be 3 this month that is a long time and I still got more to use. But we had not been using any fabric softener and I really do miss using it, I miss the smell of Tide also. So I'm taking in recipes that use all natural product to soften your clothes. If you have any that you think would be great I would appreciate if you share them so that I can give them a try. Winter is approaching which means that her skin will start back to acting funny really badly again because her clothes will now cover her from about the neck on down to her toe again. We hate the cold months around here. Thanks to anyone who has any recipes to help.
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