Friday, September 20, 2013


What fun the girls and I had making bubbles.  Yes, you heard me right we made bubbles, and we had fun while doing it.  

I wanted to make a sensory bin that would be fun for both Baby G as well as Baby J.  I lucked up cause both of Them love bubbles,  but hey what kid don't like bubbles. So I set off to pintrest and searched for a bubbles sensory bin and low and behold I found it.  I found it a lot, don't remember how many were on there and don't really care I just know that it was there. So I looked and then picked a picture that looked some what like what I wanted to do and hit the like button.  That's right I hit the like button cause who the hell really needs a recipe for how to make bubbles? What's so hard about adding soap to water and letting it bubble up? Ha,  that's what I thought so I had a bin full of soapy water at first.  I was ubber disappointed at my bubbles so I poured it all out and thought about it for a second.  I had been going about this all wrong.  All I wanted was bubbles and not the water.  How do you get just the damn bubbles and leave the water in the sink where it belongs? Use a smaller amount of water, less soap,  and something to agitate the soap and water to where you see maximum bubblization (yes it's really a word,  because I said so). So out comes the hand mixer, a bowl, a bigger bowl,  measuring cup, soap and spoons.  Learning process for me is slow so bare with me as I learn to make a bubble sensory bin the hard way.

I grabbed my 2 cup measuring cup and fill it up with water.  I pour that into my first bowl.  Then I grab a spoon and soap and pour the soap on the spoon and pour it from the spoon into the first bowl also.  I take my hand mixer and start mixing and I'm seeing  bubbles and a lot more than I expected.  So I switched to a bigger bowl and watched as it filled up with bubbles also. I took just the bubbles and placed them in the bin. So then I decided now I could do the colors.  I repeat the process except I start off with the big bowl.  I use the same water just added more soap to it along with food coloring.  Start mixing then I hear a baby start crying. Got up feed the baby and now holding the baby I can't finish. Starts walking out my kitchen looking  sad until ding I see it, my solution,  my stand mixer.  Yup I used that and wow was that so much better. Finished them off working my colors from lightest to darkest. We had bubbles and lots of them in all kind of colors now.

While waiting for Baby J to wake I setup so she can play.  No, I am not setting up an invitation to play I'm just getting it out the way while she's sleeping.  There is nothing  worse then having a project for the kids and you're not setup for them to dig in. Meltdown city in my house like that.  They melt down and I try to continue in a calm manner and before you know it I melt down and the whole project goes to hell and they are all bored now. So no it's not an invitation, it's me safe guarding  my sanity.

YAY,  Baby J wakes up and with a scream.  She takes care of her wake up business then sees the bubbles and just looks.  (In our house you can't just go touching stuff your hand might get popped).  She has that, What is it look?  I look at her and ask Do you know what this might be? She shakes her head yes.  I ask Would you like to touch them?  She looks at me and say NOPE!  Then walks off.  I look puzzled and decide that I put in to much work to let this all go to waste.  Baby G can't play with all these bubbles alone,  so I join her.  We're having a good time and then Baby J walks over and stares and I ask again Would to you like to touch it and once again she says no.  I look puzzled and she smiles at Baby G and asks me can she play.  LOL the kid don't want to touch she just wants to play. So play I let her.  
Baby G showing off her bubble hair

Baby J and baby G had so much fun they were covered in bubbles.  All in their hair and all over their bodies. Baby G took the time to dig is right away where Baby J kept letting me know how it smelled and how soft the bubbles were to how slippery it made the deck. Looks like she did touch the bubbles.  Ha I won.

Bubbles Sensory Bin Play

You need 2 tbl of liquid soap
2/3 cup of water
2-5 drops of food coloring
and a bin or large Pyrex baking dish to put it all in.
Mix the soap, water and food coloring in a mixer until a nice big foam cloud appears. Repeat for the rest of the colors.
I found that I was able to get even more bubbles from the same batch of water, so I just worked my colors from light to dark. I also found that using baby soap kept me from worrying about the eyes so much.

I'm always looking for something new to cook, bake or just do with my girls if you have any suggestions that would be great
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